Konfucius is a multi-disciplinary artist from Perth, Western Australia that specialises in creating striking, multidimensional and vibrant large scale murals.

Predominantly using aerosol and acrylic paint, he often places opposing forces against each other in his compositions, dissecting his work into individual elements in a grid-like manner, allowing each element to interplay, contrast and contribute to the overall greater narrative each piece. Intricately painted flora can be seen delicately intertwining through abstract shapes, lucid colours flowing across highly-detailed geometric patterns, his work often probes the tension between the natural and unnatural, positive and negative, order and chaos.   

This ‘Ying and Yang’ of dialectical compositions, with each disparate component appearing to contrast each other creates an an unheralded sense of balance and power to his work.

Over the years, Konfucius’ work has developed into a more abstract nature, exploring this narrative of dichotomies from exhibition-based portrait paintings, to large public exterior commissions across Australia and overseas.

His work has been featured in multiple publications, most notably Wordplay (Aus), Insight (New York) and Unlimited Magazine (Aus).

He holds a Bachelor degree in Arts.