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Helped my mate Beastman with his huge mural wrapping around a CBD building. A pleasant few days amongst the cattlecade of office life. Some pics by Billy Zammit.








Stella’s Child Orphanage program

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Children are in the collective unconscious until they acquire a small consciousness of their personality, until they say “I,” or “me,” or their name. They are rooted in the collective unconscious and are uprooted from it by the flood of impressions from the outside. They know everything, but they lose the memory of it. ~C. G. Jung

Great day with the kids in Bali




Big collab at Berewa Beach, originally started out as just 3 artists painting it then it just grew as people rocked up with about 5 different countries represented in this piece, might even grow some more. Thanks to Sleeck, Mag1, Beastman, Yok, Sheryo, Deric and Florain.

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This is Reiner, he’s the squatter that let us turn his surroundings into an art gallery over the past few days, that’s how he put it anyway. Went and grabbed him some beers and a heap of food and he couldn’t wipe the smile from his face all day. He’s had a real interesting life, and in a strange way I kind of envied him, he didn’t seem to have a worry in the world, he’s just content and happy, and he has nothing. For the past 40 years he has roamed across Europe, moving from place to place. He told me that he once he was a French and History teacher, but the ‘normal’ existence wasn’t for him, things changed in his life and he turned to an itinerant lifestyle. Meeting Reiner really put things in perspective. Sometimes it’s the most unassuming people that have the most interesting stories to tell. Back tomorrow to add a bit more colour to his walls, thanks Reiner it was a pleasure meeting you.IMG_8556 IMG_8557


Touched down it to Amsterdam today, was supposed to be painting but thought an abandoned couch, few beers from the 7/11 and a bit of people watching would be a better idea


Commissioned piece that I’ve been working on before I head off, the late Brazilian racing driver Ayrton Senna. Been a while since I’ve done a portrait due to some other stuff that’s been going on but I always enjoy the challenge of getting these right and making someone happy with the finished piece



 Perth, even though I want to get the hell out of here every year, you’re not such a bad city after all. Here’s a new mural in East Perth, done with the usual crew Dest and Idol on a sunny weekend in March.